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The story of Empower Ideas begins in 2008, when founder Sam Ruedinger began creating websites and videos for clients out of his college dorm room. At the time, the name didn't exist, but the sites he was creating were surprisingly complex considering they were written in some of the most basic languages, even for the time. Although most of those commercial sites have been replaced with more modern alternatives, Sam's first site, even before working with clients, is still in an online archive. It was a repository of outdoor backyard games and lives on in its original 2007 state at stuff-online.net/ygo.

Since then, Sam has helped worked part-time, helping small companies transition to the online age and build their digital brand. Many of those clients came back for more help with transitioning again to the mobile-first web. After all, technology is fast changing, but it's important to remain current in order to have continued success in a competitive global online marketplace.

While working on small side projects, Sam also consulted for a variety of companies and worked as a project manager at a New York City ad agency. He was frustrated by the pain points and inefficiencies at each company, and decided to do something about it by going all in on Empower Ideas. Other world-class agency veterans joined him to expertly support each service we offer.

Today, as compared to 2007, Empower Ideas has grown. Sam still manages projects, but no longer does it all himself. Amazing designers and developers create outstanding work every day. One thing that hasn't changed is that we remain a trusted partner of small and midsize businesses looking to grow their online brand to increase sales, improve their image, or become more efficient with business processes. Our growing team means that we have capacity to work even more closely with our valued clients, and ultimately that translates into superb final projects.

Today, our services include branding and identity creation, website and e-commerce site design and development, and online growth marketing. We're here to help with creative logos, trendy websites, and experts that can make cloud-based services work for you.

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Empower Ideas is a digital marketing agency focused on building custom websites and e-commerce stores. We also offer branding development, logo design, growth marketing services, and more.

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