You're not just selling goods and services; you're selling your heart.

For customers, your store should be beautiful, yet simple to make a purchase from. For you, it should help make it as easy as possible to manage your growing your business. We create e-commerce websites that cater to all these unique goals.

Customers expect their shopping journey to be effortless and delightful, and our design process for e-commerce sites is just as thorough as our content-focused websites. We'll guide you through the ambiguity of creating the site as well as address e-commerce-specific questions you didn't even know you had.

Beyond front-end design, we take our role as your trusted partner very seriously. Our goal with e-commerce is to bridge business goals with user needs in order to prepare for success. We offer guidance on everything from checkout providers and email notifications to returns management and shipping integration. Then, we make sure all these systems work well together, so that your company is set up for success.

  • online brand adaptation
  • wireframing
  • creative direction
  • fully responsive site design
  • prototyping

  • front-end development
  • e-commerce platforms
  • multi-platform integration

Our Process

The goal of any e-commerce site is to convince a visitor to become a customer and to convince a customer to become a loyalist and to convince a loyalist to become a brand evangelist. We believe that this pathway to success is built with an understanding of the ethos of both the company and the larger industry from the very beginning of the project. That's why we take the time to understand your brand, your users, and your products or services. We let this ethos run through our team as we have conversations and begin to create your #1 salesperson.

Although an e-commerce site has the explicit goal of conversion, we believe that careful design is just as important as when creating a content-based website. That's why we begin our design phase similarly to non-commerce websites. We progress from low-fidelity wireframes through detailed and fully annotated designs for each template of your website. Finally, our design team will prepare the site for a full hand-off to development.

During development, we work efficiently to bring your front-end design to life as well as prepare the back-end features and integrations. Throughout the process, we keep you updated and informed and remain open to changes and new needs. Once we finish development, we continue to collaborate by guiding you through the QA (quality assurance ) and/or UAT (user acceptance testing) processes. We're by your side to make fixes and/or enhancements as needed.

Great content is the secret sauce to great performance. The images and copy you place on your new site directly contribute to the confidence that potential customers have about your company and their willingness to engage with your products and services. We can help you use content to craft your brand message with product images, company videos, or body text.

As development winds down, we integrate various third-party apps and services together and ensure that everything functions smoothly. We understand that a website doesn't exist in isolation. Instead, it is part of an integrated strategy with the potential to transform your business.

By leveraging existing apps, we can save you money vs. creating new features from scratch and reinventing the wheel. Of course, we're able to customize those apps so that users and customers never know that they're simple off-the-shelf software. Most of our e-commerce sites begin with the Shopify platform, then leverage Shopify apps to extend functionality as needed and create a completely customized and cohesive experience on both the front and the back ends. Thus, we create the best possible experience both for users and for the business.


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