Your site is never really complete as it continues to live, breath, and grow. Marketing efforts support your site's continued success.

While building the site, it's far too easy to look to the launch as a sort of finish line, a marker of completion. That's true, to an extent--the daily heavy lifting may indeed come to a close. But a static and un-updated website is unlikely to be successful in the long term. Our marketing retainers help ensure that your site continues to prosper.

  • advertising strategy
  • social advertising
  • search advertising
  • performance tracking
  • keyword analysis
  • data analysis and action recommendations

  • landing page design and development
  • copywriting
  • marketing email creation and management

Our Process

Each marketing process is unique and the exact plan we recommend depends on your company's personalized needs in addition to preferences around specific platforms or keywords. Our strategizing for any new marketing engagement involves significant research around your industry within the world of online advertising. We seek to understand platforms, keywords, competitiveness, and key performance indicators. With all of these parameters in mind, we'll make a recommendation that takes into account your advertising budget.

We believe that advertising without analytics is pointless because there is no direct quantitative measure of success. If your site isn't already set up with an analytics platform, that's where we begin. We most typically use Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, but we're equally happy in any platform of your choice. Once your analytics implementation is up and running, we can create more refined tracking measures, including link-based tracking, audiences and segments, goal funnels, and much more. In short, we want to ensure that any business question can be answered confidently and accurately with quantitative data.

Beyond configuring analytics, we also offer audits of existing analytics accounts to ensure that they adhere to best practices. Finally, we offer training on self-serve analytics as well as ongoing interactive touch-bases where we present hypotheses, data analyses, and recommendations to you on a regular basis. Our goal is to both empower you and support you.

It's easy to decide to run ads, but what should they say? It's even harder if the platform is visual, such as Instagram. We have you covered with copywriting, image and video editing, and whatever you need to ensure that your advertisement's engagement is high. We can even create custom landing pages for each campaign, allowing you to precisely tailor your message and track individual engagement right down to the link.


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