Creating a great website involves so much more than putting your contact information on the internet or filling in the blanks on a pre-made template.

A complete and cohesive online experience is built equally around your brand and goals as well as data-driven insights. Empower Ideas applies individualized creative vision to your project in the pursuit of your online goals.

Both form and function of the internet are continuously evolving, and we know that you rely on us to help make sense of the ambiguity. We play the roles of creators, executors, and project managers, yes, but also the role of empathizing with the end user. To that point, we always remember that our job of crafting online experiences is always grounded in the end user's needs and habits, and building designs and workflows around that idea allows us to find the greatest successes.

  • online brand adaptation
  • wireframing
  • creative direction
  • fully responsive site design
  • prototyping

  • front-end development
  • content management
  • multi-platform integration

Our Process

We begin many projects with a meeting with as many stakeholders as possible, where we encourage everyone to share any early ideas in their "mind's eye" to the best of their ability. We'll lead the discussion while also taking notes on what might work and what most certainly will not. Even if your team's ideas seem to conflict with each other, this key meeting is our chance to immerse ourselves in your brand and learn to understand your ways of thinking. It also gives us an opportunity to learn about the extent of your project and its constraints including deadlines and budgets, so that we can make the best possible recommendations on approach.

Our typical design phase begins with wireframing at low fidelity. We share basic ideas or sometimes even simple sketches as we begin to align with your team or any other agencies that might be helping you with different parts of the process. We'll progress through several revisions (most often 3-4) each with increasing fidelity. With each new version we share, we'll start to come together on more and more details and other parts of the site will start to fall into place. Finally, our design team will prepare the site for a full hand-off to development.

Development is a process that is very customized to an individual project. Once we achieve design sign-off or get the final design files from you, our team gets to work on mapping out the development timeline. Typically, we begin with high-level processes, including setting up the platform and creating headers and footers. From there, we can move into the product's templates and features. Throughout the process, we're careful to keep you updated on what's going on and remain open to changes and new needs.

Once we finish development, we continue to collaborate by guiding you through the QA (quality assurance ) and/or UAT (user acceptance testing) processes. We're by your side to make fixes and/or enhancements as needed.

Before launching, we'll ensure that any extra integrations, such as Google Analytics, are connected with your site and working correctly. And finally, we'll push that proverbial button so you are live to the world!

Content Management refers to the website's "operating system" which provides a platform for the site. The content management system holds base-level coding that's the same across most websites, which helps to increase development efficiency during the initial site build. Later, it provides a framework that makes it easy to add additional functionality. In fact, app-like add-ons can often add all sorts of functionality to a site with no coding required at all! The system also makes it easy for you to make simple content updates to your website on your own from any computer or mobile device; of course, we're always here to help make those updates as well. Most of our sites use either WordPress or Joomla content management systems.


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